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Work from the comfort of your home. Make easy money. Sell My Family Cinema.

Flexible Timetable

Manage your time, work anywhere you like and set your own goals.

Extra money

Increase your main income by working just a few hours a day and make more than USD 500 per month.

Work in a
easy and Simple way

Previous experience is not needed and the working methodology is crystal clear.

Customized support

Count on full-time support. Our team will provide the personalized help you need.


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I started with the minimum amount of codes, but after just a few weeks I doubled them. It is a rewarding job in two ways: I earn quick money and I help people get entertainment from the comfort of their home.

João Guilherme M.

I recommend it to those who need an extra income. I’ve been an MFC reseller for about a year and I’m planning to make it my full-time job. The support from the MFC Global team is amazing.

Victoria L.

I’ve been in the sales industry for 15 years and knew right away MFC would be a guaranteed success. At first, I added the service to my client portfolio, but now it is my main business. The future is entertainment.

David P.

Frequently asked questions



What is the profit margin?

The profit margin will depend on your strategy, meaning the retail price you choose. Some resellers get 30% profit, whereas others reach 100% profit.

What is a recharge code?

These are 16-digit codes equivalent to a monthly (30 days) or yearly (365 days) service plan. At MFC Global we work through a system that sells and resells codes. You can generate them from your Panel account and sell them to retail or wholesale businesses. Bear in mind that each code can be used only once.

How do I resell the product?

Promote the product on your social media, create a network of contacts and start earning money. Every person with internet access and an interest in movies and series is a potential client.

Where do I purchase codes?

Code purchases are carried out on Panel, a platform developed by our tech team where you can visualize, purchase and sell codes. In order to acquire codes, send us a message to

What is the minimum purchase required?

The minimum purchase amount is 50 codes either monthly or yearly.

Do codes have an expiry date?

No, codes do not have an expiration date, so it is not necessary to activate them before a specific date. Each code is redeemed the moment it is activated on the platform, that is to say, when they are entered on the recharge slot of the app and the system confirms its successful activation. Thus, you can purchase codes today and sell them in the future with the guarantee that they won’t stop working.

How many devices can be used simultaneously?

Each code offers access to the service from only one device at a time.

Which are the requirements to become a reseller?

It’s very simple! You don’t need previous sales experience or technical knowledge about the product. As a reseller, you will have access to all the support you may need. Send us a message to for more information.

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